IDEMS has a long term relationship with Bahir Dar University.

When IDEMS open courses were launched, lecturers from the Mathematics Department at Bahir Dar University were keen to investigate integrating automated, electronic assessment into their teaching.

The course intends to prepare natural science students with the basic concepts and materials from mathematics that necessitate a good foundation to treat fundamental mathematical tools in science. This course rigorously discusses the basic concepts of logic and set theory, the real and complex number systems, mathematical induction, least upper bound and greatest lower bound, functions
and types of functions, polynomial and rational functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions and their graphs and analytic geometry.

The course introduces students to the concepts and analytical methods for solving partial differential equations. It is based on the previous core mathematics courses to develop more advanced ideas in differential and integral calculus.

This course covers basic concepts of partial differential equations (PDE), Fourier series and Integrals, some techniques of solutions of first order PDEs, second order PDEs and analytical methods of solutions.

This is a template copy for the University of Bahir Dar

This is an introductory course to linear Algebra. The course notes are based on the book: A first course in Linear Algebra by Robert A. Beezer. See the course web-page where you can download versions of the book. 

This is an introductory course to Calculus first implemented for Maseno University, Kenya in 2019 for their Calculus I course. 

The assessment for the course is 10 weekly mastery and test quizzes. The questions were almost entirely developed using STACK for automated feedback. Most questions include a randomised component.

The course refers to the open e-book Calculus I by Paul Dawkins.