IDEMS International supports partner universities to develop courses which include automated electronic assessment (using STACK for blended learning. We believe this improves student feedback, deepens student learning and provides quality information to lecturers as well as saving them time when class sizes are large.

Developed in collaboration with Chris

courses are open, free to share with other institutions

Where possible, we use open textbooks as reference material for our courses. In particular, we refer to open ebooks developed in PreTeXt because of their interactive capabilities.

IDEMS is able to provide limited remote support for use and implementation for free as part of our social mission to improve education. Further paid support, including customisation of courses, is also available on request.
This course demonstrates some STACK quiz material which would be suitable for Secondary education. Materials are still in development and present a demonstration of questions and feedback that could improve student learning. The content is being extended and improved on a continual basis including the language and formality for school audiences. The material currently focuses material more adapted to end of school. Everything presented here can be shared freely. The content is open educational content and will be made available publicly however all questions include sufficient randomisation that this public availability will not facilitate access to specific responses for students.

This is an introductory course to Calculus first implemented for Maseno University, Kenya in 2019 for their Calculus I course. 

The assessment for the course is 10 weekly mastery and test quizzes. The questions were almost entirely developed using STACK for automated feedback. Most questions include a randomised component.

The course refers to the open e-book Calculus I by Paul Dawkins.